Learning to Get Along


I will be leaving next week for my trip to Israel, and I am so excited. I visited the Holy Land in 2012, so why am I going back?  I am returning to Israel this time to make preparations so that St. Francis might offer such a trip to their alumni, when they are finishing high school, or in college.  The experience of being in the Holy Land has so much to offer, on many different levels, and in many different aspects – spiritual, historical, geographical, cultural.  In my following posts I will look at these, and tell you what I’ve been reading.  Until then shalom and salaam.

Published by: wismered

an Episcopalian priest living in Houston, Texas. My wife and I have 4 kids thriving in college! Day job is pastoring 850+ students, 18 months to 8th grade at St Francis Episcopal Day School.

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